Our staff is ready to help you sell and buy everything from single pieces to whole collections.


Our coin services include:

  •  Buy and sell coin collections

  •  Estate collections

  •  Graded Coins

  •  Gold, Platinum and Silver bullion

  •  Gold, Platinum and Silver Bars

  •  US coins

  •  Foreign coins

  •  US currency

The Gold Depot can help turn your old coin collection into cash. We buy coins from all over the world minted during any time period. We are trained to spot rare coins, better date coins, higher graded coins, and coins containing precious metals, including gold coinssilver coins and platinum coins. When you bring your coin collection into The Gold Depot, you can be assured that you will be treated fairly and with respect, regardless if you are just looking to sell a single bag of outmoded foreign coins or if you are bringing to market a vast collection filled with gold, silver, rare and graded coins.

Knowledgeable Coin Buyers

Throughout history, millions of different coin designs have circulated into economies all over the globe. It is nearly impossible to navigate the world of numismatics without the aide of a trained professional; one who has researched and studied coins for countless hours. At The Gold Depot, that is exactly what we provide. We do all the research, so you don't have to worry about it when selling your coins. Before you bring your coins into The Gold Depot, be sure not to clean them as that can ruin their value. Our coin buyers are more interested in the coins as is, with all the dirt and patina that time brings.

Experience and Expertise

Our numismatic coin buyers, who are highly respected in the field, have years of experience in the coin buying and collecting world and they will use that knowledge to identify your coins. Selling coins can seem like a daunting task, but we make it easy and convenient here at The Gold Depot.

The Gold Depot offers an in-person, evaluation of your gold, silver, jewelry, coins and bullion. Our knowledgeable staff will provide you with an honest and fair evaluation of your jewelry and coins.

We strive to make sure that you are getting the most money for your items. 




Old Gold Jewelry

Antique Gold Jewelry

Broken Gold Jewelry
Damaged Gold Jewelry
Bent/Broken Gold Jewelry
Gold Necklaces

Gold Bracelets

Gold Chains
Gold Rings

Gold Charms
Gold Watches

Gold Class Rings
Gold Earrings
Gold Cluster Rings
Dental Gold
Gold Pendants, Drops or Charms
Gold Pins/Brooches
Gold Items with missing stones
Tangled Gold Chains
Unmatched Gold Earrings
Unwanted/Not in Style Gold jewelry


Old Sterling Silver Jewelry

Antique Sterling Silver Jewelry

Broken Sterling Silver Jewelry
Damaged Sterling Silver Jewelry
Bent/Broken Sterling Silver Jewelry
Sterling Silver Necklaces

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling Silver Chains
Sterling Silver Rings

Sterling Silver Charms
Sterling Silver Watches

Sterling Silver Class Rings
Sterling Silver Earrings
Sterling Silver Cluster Rings
Sterling Silver Pendants, Drops or Charms
Sterling Silver Pins/Brooches
Sterling Silver Items with missing stones
Tangled Sterling Silver Chains
Unmatched Sterling Silver Earrings
Unwanted/Not in Style Sterling Silver Jewelry

Old Platinum Jewelry

Antique Platinum Jewelry

Broken Platinum Jewelry
Damaged Platinum Jewelry
Bent/Broken Platinum Jewelry
Platinum Necklaces

Platinum Bracelets

Platinum Chains
Platinum Rings

Platinum Charms
Platinum Watches

Platinum Class Rings
Platinum Earrings
Platinum Cluster Rings
Platinum Pendants, Drops or Charms
Platinum Pins/Brooches
Platinum Items with missing stones
Tangled Platinum Chains
Unmatched Platinum Earrings
Unwanted/Not in Style Platinum Jewelry

We do not care if your jewelry is broken, ugly, or missing pieces. We buy it all! Regardless of the age or condition of your 
jewelry, we buy all items made from gold, platinum or silver (we do not buy fake gold/silver, plated gold/silver or costume jewelry). 

Getting Started Selling Bullion

Whether you have some collectible coins you want to get rid of or an investment to turn into cash, The Gold Depot should be your last stop to sell your bullion. The number one concern when selling bullion is getting the best price on your precious metals. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to determine your goal and how we can best help you meet it.


When to Sell Bullion

When bullion is an investment, the right time to sell and how much to liquidate can be difficult to predict.  Whether you have a horde of gold bars or just a few silver coins, our staff can work with you to purchase in bulk, or set up a plan to liquidate your bullion within a time frame.  We are a cash only business, ensuring privacy and instant return on your investment.


Getting the Best Bullion Price

We do not speculate on the market; we buy with day to day information.  This means our prices are based on widely available, public information. This puts you as a seller in the best position to get the best price. Our staff is transparent with our prices and work hard to stay on top in such a competitive market. The customer is always the priority at The Gold Depot. Buying and selling bullion is an important part of many long term investment portfolios and we work to make your gains our business.

How to Sell My Bullion

The Gold Depot makes selling your bullion a painless process. One of our expert associates will review your items to ensure authenticity. We use the latest technology to check the surface metal and resistance testing ensure it is the same throughout. Once the bullion and coins are verified we can offer you a price on the current spot value of your gold, silver or platinum. We pay cash on the spot.


Other Items We Buy:

Silver Flatware (not Silver Plated items)

Silver Serving Platters

Silver Tea Sets

Dental Gold

Gold/Silver Money Clips

Gold/Silver Keychains


Vintage Costume Jewelry

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